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Nude Food Grant
Nude Food Day’s Nude Food Grant is a fund allocated to making a difference in your school or local community.
From 1st May 2018 schools, classes and students are invited to apply for a grant to bring their best nutrition, environmental and/or Nude Food ideas to life in their school or local community.

1. Register your Australian school, class or yourself (if you’re a student) via the Nude Food Day website.

2. Brainstorm an idea or initiative that your school can apply for for one or all three grants. These ideas must speak to one or more of the following themes; nutrition, environmental sustainability and/or Nude Food.

3. Complete your submission. This could be anything from a basic word template to a video! It just must address the 3 key submission elements. See “What does a submission need to include?” for more information.

4. Attach your entry form. If you are applying for more than one please attach a separate form to each one.

5. Submit by 5pm AEDST on 22/6/18 via email or post.

Any registered Australian education provider (includes childcare, kinder, ELC etc), class or student.
There are 3 Grants available to apply for and each eligible school, class or student may apply for each grant once.
Available Grants:
Grant #1 –  $1- $199
Grant #2 –  $200- $999
Grant #3 –  $1000-$5000
Submissions open on 1st May 2018 and close 5pm AEDST 22nd June 2018.
You can view an extensive list of initiatives and ideas to get your brainstorming started under the Inspiration page on our website.
Your idea or initiative submission must fit within the themes of nutrition, environmental sustainability or Nude Food and address the following:

  • Tell us or show us your idea to make your school or community a better place. There are no rules surrounding how this is to be submitted.
  • Explain why your idea/ initiative is important and the impact it would have in your school and local community.
  • Provide a breakdown of what you need to make your vision a reality. This should include everything you would require to bring your initiative to life eg money, supplies, resources and labor. The more detail provided the better!
There are 3 Grants available to apply for and each eligible school, class or student may apply for each grant once.
Available Grants:
Grant #1 –  $1- $199
Grant #2 –  $200- $999
Grant #3 –  $1000- $5000
Nude Food Day Team will select winners and decide the breakdown of the prize pool at their discretion, based on the submissions received.
The successful submissions will be announced via email and social media throughout the month of October 2018.  All winners will be announced by email and social media by 11:59pm AEDST 22nd June 2018.
October Celebrations
Yes! October will see us award the winning submissions of our Nude Food Grant but will also encourage the ongoing participation and celebration of Nude Food Day by schools around the country.

We will be also holding a TBA mini challenge and ask that schools send us through photos of their Nude Food Day celebrations for the chance to win spot prizes!  As previous years we encourage schools to participate however they would like to and welcome them to utilize the resources we have offered during previous years..

This year we have changed the event and instead of the annual creative competition we will be inviting submissions to our Nude Food Grant.

More information can be found on our Nude Food Grant page or in the FAQ-  Nude Food Grant section.

  • You can apply for our Nude Food Grant by 22/6/18. The grants will be awarded throughout the month of October.
  • Participate in our TBA Mini Challenge in October
  • Email us information and images on how your school is celebrating throughout the month of October for your chance to win Spot Prizes.
As per previous years we encourage schools to celebrate any day or everyday during the month of October.

There are no hard and fast rules; it is all just about teaching kids how their actions can directly impact their health and the environment.

Some schools run waste audits for each classroom and award prizes for the least amount of litter generated, whilst some schools run healthy cooking demonstrations or healthiest lunch competitions.

Throughout the month of October we encourage teachers to email us with information and images, which demonstrates how they have been celebrating the event. We will be awarding spot prizes to the best emails.  We will also be running a TBA mini challenge. Check back closer to October for more information.

Nude Food
Nude food is food that is healthy and environmentally friendly, without packaging.
In 2010 Nude Food Movers created National Nude Food Day, in conjunction with Nutrition Australia, to encourage and educate schools on the importance on packing healthy, rubbish free lunches.

Nude Food Day is all about spreading the Nude Food message ‘healthy body + healthy planet’ all around the world.

In 2018 we are celebrating by:

  • Inviting schools to submit for a Nude Food Grant by 22/6/18.
  • Encouraging schools to hold nude food activities and events at their school during the month of October, for their chance to win spot prizes.
  • Holding a TBA Mini Challenge in October for another chance to win prizes,
Nude Food is important as it:

  • Saves you money by buying products in bulk. Eg purchasing 1L tub of yoghurt and transferring into reusable plastic containers rather than buying more expensive individual serves in excess packaging.
  • Saves the planet by reducing the amount of waste that goes into landfill. Eg Instead of wrapping your sandwich in one-use cling wrap you can instead transport it in a reusable plastic container.
  • Saves your health by making healthier food choices that support concentration, energy levels and make you feel better overall.
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