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Nude Food Day is a fantastic opportunity to teach children about how their actions can impact the environment and their health. Focussing on the positive message of ‘nude food = a healthy body + a healthy planet’, we want your students to be empowered to choose healthy, rubbish free food for their lunches and snacks..

This year’s Nude Food Day offers two fun activities your school can choose to participate in.

Upon registering your school for Nude Food Day on the 16th October 2013, you can support either of the two core themes NFD represents; healthy bodies and a healthy planet. Both the Healthy Body and Healthy Planet events will show your school’s support for healthy eating and waste reduction, at the same time engaging your students and their families and raising funds for your school!

To make this as easy as possible, we have included everything you need to make Nude Food Day a success at your school online. Once registered simply use your school name to log into our resource centre and gain access to fundraising sheets, posters, and lesson plans for use in both Primary and Secondary schools. 

We like to reward our nude food enthusiasts, and will send all schools that register a pack of fun stickers to assist you with spreading the Nude Food Day message throughout the school community. 

For both Healthy Body, and Healthy Planet activities, there are great prizes up for grabs for the best performing schools based on funds raised, and the best Nude Food Day activities uploaded to our Facebook page or website, so get involved, and your school could be getting a great prize pack!


 Nude Food Day 2013 Prize Pack

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