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We have loads of fun ideas and information to help you get the most out of your Nude Food Day, simply click on the links in blue above! 

PLUS, we are offering two fun activities your school can choose to participate in - Healthy Body and Healthy Planet events - click the links in blue to get started!

We also have some great tips submitted from our dedicated Nude Food Movers & Shakers in an effort to spread the healthy, sustainable way of life! If you have any tips send them to info@nudefoodday.com.au so we can share with our fans!

Food Tips

  • If your kids aren’t hungry at breakfast time, try making them a healthy milkshake. Just combine chopped fruit, some milk and ice and blend until smooth. 
  • Mix your avocado with a few drops of lemon before adding to a sandwich will avoid the fruit turning brown, and will also help to make it last longer. 
  • Get the required fruit and vegetables into your diet by adding grating carrot and zucchini into your bolognaise sauce, try including fruit in your dessert like fruit salad and icecream or berries with some low-fat chocolate topping. 
  • Plan your weekly meals in advance – then you can buy exactly what you need with no risk of wastage. 
  • Avoid storing apples and carrots in the same fridge compartment. The apples emit a gas that makes the carrots bitter. 

Environmental Tips

  • Take the family out for a trip to a national park, botanical gardens or zoo in your area and learn more about your local environment. 
  • Dispose of garden waste carefully: Weeds, prunings and grass clippings can be used as mulch for you garden, or place them in your “green recycling bin”.
  • Reduce air pollution and save petrol money: lighten your vehicle’s load: clear out the boot and remove roof racks if they’re not required.
  • Leave the car at home one day every week—if everyone did this it could make a huge difference. Try organising a car-pool with other parents.
  • Control the temperature of your home without electrical appliances: seal cracks and gaps, fit dampers to fireplaces and block unnecessary vents to keep heat in.
  • Separate garbage – every household is provided with a recycling and a garbage bin – make sure you use them correctly!
  • Why not create your own compost system, it’s a great way to get rid of food scraps and yard clippings without adding to landfill.
  • Take note of what goes down the sink: Don’t put oils, fats or harmful chemicals down the sink, dispose of them in your garbage bin as they will eventually end up in the rivers, lakes or oceans and harm our water quality and wildlife. Use a strainer in the kitchen sink to collect solids from your washing up water.
  • Only buy fruit and vegetables that are in season. Seasonal produce is friendly to the environment as well as to the hip pocket, as less fuels are used to transport it into your supermarket.


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