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Nude Food Day is a fantastic opportunity to teach children about how
their actions can impact the environment and their health.

The event can be as big or small as your school desires. We have provided a number of activity suggestions that will help you
build the day into something that is right for your school. We have also developed a number of Lesson Plans that can be used
leading up to and during the event that will further enhance the day. You will need to register below, to be eligible to enter
the competition to win cash prizes.

This year Nude Food Day can be celebrated any day (or everyday!) in October.

Once you have registered below, you will be able to access our Resources page which will help you plan
the day.


Together we can raise awareness and build a greater understanding of the connection between food choices, optimal health,
and the effects of rubbish on our planet. Simply submit your school details below,and utilise all of the resources available to
start planning your Nude Food event.

Please note: The Creative Competition for 2016 is still being finalised. Details coming shortly!

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