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About Us

National Nude Food Day is an event created by Nude Food Movers that encourages individuals to make their lunch a healthy, nutritious and environmentally friendly meal by filling it with fresh food and eliminating all unnecessary wrapping! 

We know that many schools and workplaces hold their own individual Nude Food Days throughout the year and why not, everyday should be a Nude Food Day! We want to celebrate the great work all you nude foodies have done and encourage others to join in as we celebrate National Nude Food Day. Lets see how much waste we can reduce together!

Nude Food Day is also a great opportunity to take a closer look at what you’re eating for lunch. We aim to create more awareness about healthy foods and healthy lifestyle choices so there can be more happy and healthy bodies on our healthy planet!


Mission Statement:

Nude Food Day aims to change the eating habits of Australians and New Zealanders by empowering them to make better choices when it comes to packing food for lunch, while also drawing greater attention to the amount of land fill that is generated from food packaging.



 Nude Food Day is now in its fourth year running and boy we have had some fun!

Launched back in 2010, Nude Food Day partnered up with Nutrition Australia in an effort to help spread the healthy body + healthy planet message near and far.  We received lots of wonderful support from many Australian MPs and government departments including education, environment, health and sustainability. Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver even showed his nude food colours, recording a special Nude Food Day message for us to share.  

Click Here To Watch Jamie Oliver
Jamie Oliver signs up for Nude Food Day.
Watch the video here!


In it’s first year running we were amazed with all the support and efforts of people wanting to make a difference: some 200,000 people that is! All in all a huge combined effort to save a large amount of rubbish from becoming land fill.

In 2011 Nude Food Day was introduced to the corporate world and also ventured overseas inviting all New Zealanders to join us and make a difference.

As Australia struggled to tackle the obesity crisis and war on junk food, Nude Food Day, supported by Nutrition Australia, was effective in reminding everyone of the little things they can do to make a difference. 

Nude Food Days 2011 and 2012 saw the nude foodie fan base grow, with close to one million Australians taking part in the event!

This year’s event is going to be jam packed with fun and one thing we can guarantee is that you won’t want to miss out!  Head across to our registration page and sign up your family, school, workplace and community to participate in National Nude Food Day 2013!


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